Hamza – Dakini [Wind Horse Records]

Titled the Dakini EP, this latest publish also shows a bent of experimentation, as Hamza explores distinguishable styles and vibes resulting in a discrete but authoritative set of tracks. As again create in Hamzas casting, the more time-honoured mystical edifice intro subtly transforms into dense and vibrant sonic layers that cover detached vocals, absent percussion, and terrestrial ingredients. This ones in theory suited for after hours visions. Hamza delivers long ago again The EP opens with Dakini and its lightly plucked cadenced synth series. Brilliance On gets a teeny tougher, with its punchy bass furrow, filtered piano like pattern and unbroken four-on-the-bottom relocation. Closing the EP is Lantern, a techier cut that introduces skippy rhythms, chief dub mirror image splashes, and a hypnotically churning bass. Charming things a bit darker and out of the ordinary, Mosque gives an hollow of the cut a rug defeat as a hallowed city, with ritualistic bells, percussion, and flutes accenting the unfaltering best and sub-bass animation. Hamza returns to Rot Horse Records after end years Thar set aside and he does so with an below average four bother EP that continues to prolong his evocative unfathomable race resemble.

Hamza - Dakini (Original Mix)
Hamza - Dazzle On (Original Mix)
Hamza - Temple (Original Mix)
Hamza - Lantern (Original Mix)