Hamaeel – Letters From Trancesylvania: Chapter 1 [Noize Reaction Records]

We begin a new journey, with Hamaeel, a journey that will take us in Transylvania, a journey and a story that will comprise 4 chapters. The first chapter talks about returning home on the plains and forests of Transylvania, but at the same time, the yearning for life left behind … but with hope for a new beginning and a retrieval of past, and future. Each track is a row of letter, one page from the story in which we find .. not just sorrow , but love and hope. Have a pleasant reading, and a pleasant journey in Trancesylvania, with Hamaeel.

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Hamaeel - Hello ... I Miss You ... (Intro)
Hamaeel - About My Homeland (Original Mix)
Hamaeel - You Know ... I Need You Here (Original Mix)
Hamaeel - Trancesylvanian Heavens (Original Mix)
Hamaeel - Farewell ... Please Reply (Outro)