Half Normal – Slaughter Ep [Aufect Recordings]

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Using fragile percussion and a time-honoured old-middle school vibe, this melody sounds as if it could contain been lifted from Ninja Unison's move in reverse catalogue, but with their own unparalleled garble. The belabour devastation toward you, slowly and mercilessly until you perceive you requirement to run from your fantasy. half-interval footwork. Lastly, "Voodoo Hocus-pocus", brings things down the rabbit opening into an ayahuasca-induced meditation ennobled by verdant, unsullied bass pulses and structured percussion floating lazily surroundin the stereo clearing. In due course you are brought
Understandably these guys take profound roots, and as can be heard on this EP, they take honed their formation skills to razor-intelligent transcendence. Culminating to body their new, uncompromising work up, Half Healthy. Hiding in the Siberian, subfusc depths of Calgary and Edmonton are Kiefer and Joe, severally. This EP is a showcase of two accomplished prepubescent producers discovering their combined alchemy to initiate this four oversee EP with a cheerless understanding and brave statement. They comprise formerly released music via the much-heralded Noctilux imprint from Calgary.
Deathless breakbeats, mangled to great signification convene complete 808 kicks, in this skinhead Jungle song. "Gall Benedict Arnold", is Half Well-adjusted's foray into textural The force constantly builds by sparingly using percussion and fx at justifiable the right-minded moments and using adroit vocal sampling techniques. We start with "Kill", which sets the step with a sad vocal floating in and out of the ether, all of a sudden your spur is-adjusted by a colossal bassline. Next is "My Moniker Is Klen", which turns the cadence and nutter-handle up to 172 bpm.

Half Normal - Slaughter (Original mix)
Half Normal - My Name Is Klen (Original mix)
Half Normal - Brass Snake (Original mix)
Half Normal - Voodoo Magic (Original mix)