Haldo – Deep Perversion [Claps Records]

Desansis Slowfeed is a arct out and inscrutable manufacturing which the critic considered one of the most comely in the settee music mankind. 12, Zona Oasi, Caff Solaire vol. 345, G Divan 12, Lobby Ultimate vol. 45, Ibiza Afro&Wide vol 1, Confidence Grooves, Cafe'Loll vol 1, Crudo Chapter 1-2, big sur formentere – so, I joyous in paris? He founded together with an other DJ, Geppy Mischibo Amoruso, the Desansis plan out of which came out an album for the Clubstar identification in Germany. Aldo Haldo Carpanzano has been the home-owner DJ for the over 20 years for one of the most portentous clubs in Southern Italy (Rebus Disconight) where some of the most imporant DJs like Short Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Ralphi Rosario, Prizewinner Simonelli, Kid Bachelor, Alan Russel, Justin Berkmann and, magnitude the italians, Ivan Iacobucci, Luis Crystal set, Mauro Ferrucci and others, accept is also a musician, grower who has collaborated with several artists. – Dj pippi & Jamie lewis in the mix – Ibiza pandemic ghetto-blaster – dj mfr and Vincent be aware in the mix – poolside vol 3; Diverse upcoming others including a beyond p with Luis Crystal set; he has licensed tracks for Tony's Records, Deliver rec, Conya rec. Damn near all the tracks of this conjure up possess been licensed by not too compilations such as: The First Of Caf Ibiza, Caff Ibiza Vol 7, Buddha Company, Brax Fondle Agreeable, Shangai Idle, Women's Talk, Savannah vol.

Haldo - Deep Perversion (Original Mix)