Haioka – Alaya [Emerald & Doreen Records]

Bosom buddy and wadaiko contestant Atsuhiro Cho is featured extensively and purpose also be playing on Haioka's outgoing album This intermingling is not but a ideal concept also undeviatingly reflected in the existent music. In Alaya the artist adds deathless Japanese percussion specifically the wadaiko. Alaya or "The Eight Consciousnesses" is a classification developed in the form of the Yogacara State school of Buddhism. They spell out the five senses supplemented by the remembrance defilements of the mentality and once the basic depository consciousness which is the principle of the other seven. It is the rootlet of the benevolent brainpower senses & feelings. Haioka is judgement energy in mixing obsolete Japanese heart with synchronic thoughts and mores. Were on cloud nine to be releasing Tokyo impresario Haiokas new solitary select Alaya the 2nd of two singles prereleased in the wake of his subordinate comprehensive space fully studio album.

Haioka - Alaya (Original Mix)