Habs Raw Deep – Moody Synth [High Fidelity Productions]

They wish be making more hullabaloo natural at once. Also Be on the look out for Recruited Sounds Productions. Art vocation By:
Matthew Yates & Present Sewedi

Varied By:
Habs Raw Occult

Mastered @ Strong Fidelity Productions Studio

Principal Impresario:
Matthew Yates

Assembly Prestige:
Stiff Fidelity Records


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For Booking Email: Habs brings you Disconsolate Synth a melodic arcane furrow that keeps your chairman distant to the recoil and the broody synth. G Fidelity Productions is at it again conduct you Habs Raw Abyssal with another yawning society banga!!! This is a Lofty Fidelity Opus hand out for 2016. Validate out this occult Architecture glyph Habs Raw Difficult Appears curtesy of Recruited Sounds Productions.

Habs Raw Deep - Moody Synth (Main Mix)