Haalleycks – Mago [Once Unlimited]

Mago EP based on an idea to produce some tracks with samples of didjeridoo. My cousin plays well and I recorded him to have an original sound matter to work. It's composed of three Techno tracks which represent a part of my life between November 2015 and March 2016 and one Drum & Bass track which is a nod to my cousin who like this electronic music. In the same time, with this EP, I experimented a new way to produce more simply. Mago is an aboriginal word for didjeridoo.

Haalleycks - New Cycle (Original Mix)
Haalleycks - Ashishiyoun (Original Mix)
Haalleycks - Total Blackout (Original Mix)
Haalleycks - Anteb' Take the Mic (Original Mix)