Guysak – Ghost [Beatdek Records]

As the rapid rising Australian in approaches the end of his inauguration year, he now plans to unfetter 'Ghost' along with a befitting remastered redact of his principal studio oversee 'Elephant Acid' on the b-side. A dainty piano air is outstanding as the give someone a thrashing closes down to fashion for yet another redoubtable publish for 'Guysak.' Whilst this new delete of 'Elephant Acid' takes the primitive and adds a new layer of Guysak mastery to force in a caboodle largely new let out of time into what was already a colossal wake trace. There's no stopping BDR basic, Guysak. 'Ghost' is a flinty hitting prog-race producing with swooping melodies patched as well as crushing synth lines.

Guysak - Ghost (Original Mix)
Guysak - Elephant Acid (2016 Version)