Guyana Son, Tshaka Campbell – Listen Different [FOMP]

With its edgy tech synths, foot stomping bass and pulsating Afro percussion this path desire set the romp destroy alight across the everyone. Guyana son is Lee's dreary edger fa and this railway is certainly that. Writen by L Gomez and T Campbell
Produced and arranged by Lee Gomez
Vocals written and performed by Tshaka Campbell

Hybrid and mastered by Toni Economeides

Phone :- Featuring the crack oral tete- artist Tshaka Campbell 'Pay attention to singular' is a pulsating stone palisade Afro tech tip space banger. Lee 'Wipe the needle' Gomez returns to FOMP with the leading discharge as his new alias Guyana son.

Tshaka Campbell, Guyana Son - Listen Different (Original Mix)
Tshaka Campbell, Guyana Son - Listen Different (Instrumental)