Gustavo Lobo, Moonlight Shapes – Insane [Delay]

This Ep results from combining mysterious sounds, a bass with a long groove, rhythms and sober drums, where pads and pianos merged to take us into the dark side, which along with the vocals, makes a connection with the subconscious that overcomes with catchy guitar sounds, culminating in a sudden outbreak of dark sounds that leave us a feeling of surprise by creating an accurate harmony.

The track´s original compilation songs develops a unique sound by itself, however a much more energy impression emerges with the remix approach creating also an original sound.

More over, the lyrics tell a history about the hidden feelings that sometimes come into the surface, from the basic instincts such as needs, desire, euphoria, passing trough a phase of changes that can end in to a lie.

Moonlight Shapes - Insane (Original mix)
Moonlight Shapes - Lies (Original mix)
Moonlight Shapes - Lies (Gustavo Lobo Remix)