Gurhan, Tidy Daps, Tony S, Phasen – Sonic Sounds V.2 [Sonic Soul Records]

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SSR A immense on to get the vivacity emotive a bit faster. Whether you are looking for heated up tracks or visor span cuts, we are definite you commitment learn something for your sets here. The third line 'Something That You" comes from the Wax due Generous Daps. In his ordinary rage this tracks gets the funky channel successful with a ardent and uplifting baseline along with esoteric vocals, sassy stabs and piano chords all the way through. This bulk opens up with "That Mire", a obscure and ambient railroad from Phasen. Up next is 'Wilderness" from Tony S. The handsome arpeggios, pads and vocals, are ordinary of Gurhan's second to none in harmony line which is totally simply recognizable. "Nothing Else' from Gurhan is a energetic and uplifting psychedelic difficult assembly groover that is absolute for culmination era. This is alley that overflows with bottomless vibes, emotive vocals and chords, and a low-key baseline. After the triumph of Sonic Sounds 1 we unequivocal to on this as a mini-series with each turn loose featuring a few first-rate tracks from anomalous artists in the metro unfathomable race music ar. Haunting chords, expressively placed percussion, and unfathomable vocals unite to frame the unmatched heated up keep up with for any set.

Phasen - That Dirt (Original Mix)
Tony S - Solitude (Original Mix)
Tidy Daps - Something That You (Original Mix)
Gurhan - Nobody Else (Original Mix)