Guillermo Villalobos – Walking Through [Professional RockStars Records]

Taste begins with the listener's notion the role music should play in their life. Welcome to Walking Through to your divine true. Professional Rockstars Records Presents the debut of Guillermo Villalobos also know under Alias Absolence. This 4-track presentation Ep is so artistic and free, look forward to listening, and I'm sure you will agree. To be prolific means that you not only have great ideas, but that you actually do something with them. This is walking through the resistance and seeing no indifference. This Original starts of with energy burst of synth progression with jumpy beat of his true freedom within heaven. You cannot wait for inspiration; you have to go after it with all the fire. This is fighting the resistance in living in the camp of fortune. The bass groove is so tight and uplifting smooth in this track. Every single sound provides an opportunity to leverage what you know to stretch your imagination boundless. This soul melodic tempo, with the vocal presence let go, is just a new house progression dimension of newness flow. Now you know. Your imagination is the catalyst for the transformation into new ideas & your knowledge provides the fuel for you imagination. In this composition of the Thermos, this is the within furnace chamber. …

Guillermo Villalobos - Walking Through (Original Mix)
Guillermo Villalobos - Fighting (Original Mix)
Guillermo Villalobos - Flowing (Original Mix)
Guillermo Villalobos - Thormos (Original Mix)