Groove Selecta, AWB, Jonas Landwehr, Felix Fleer – Harangue Ep [Raw Imprint]

For the B-Side Raw Imprint welcomes parisian Taapion Labelhead AWB and New York based Cut Selecta with housevibes that are not less sad then they are gorgeous. While Felix Fleer starts the A-Side with a 90's partiality, industrialesque floorkiller, Rythen continues equally desolate but goes a tiny deeper with ,Swirling Mists'. Jonas Landwehr closes the A-Side with his percussive driven, melancholic monitor ,Portion of Metasis'.

Felix Fleer - Parlance (Original Mix)
Rythen - Swirling Mists (Original Mix)
Jonas Landwehr - Fragment of Metasis (Original Mix)
AWB - Decoy (Original Mix)
Groove Selecta - You Broke My Heart (Original Mix)