Groove Function – Chicago [Sugar Moods]

Groove Function blasts onto Sugar Moods with his debut single Chicago. A track that takes modern production standards and infuses them with classic house and techno elements to create a truly unique vibe. We are excited to share Groove Functions debut with you!

The track begins with several interesting and rhythmic sound effects leading to a big and booming kick drum. Rising atmospheric pads weave in and out till the track introduces a snappy and groovy percussion line. The bassline is not neglected as a round and moving bassline works in tandem with the already represented elements. A sultry and dark vocal sits on top of a floating synth pad to create a hauntingly beautiful moment of calm. Then all the previously introduced elements return with full force as the track grooves its way to your ears. This track gives off an after hours vibe that is sure to bring pleasure to your ears at any time of day or night.

Groove Function - Chicago (Original Mix)