Grega, Andrush, Viktor Kaman, Nelman – Hymn Remixes [Plastic Rhythm Records]

This is the 7th release on Plastic Rhythm platform. "Great quality" is the best definition for this work. On the one hand it could be deemed as a double A side because all tracks are so good but Bernathy remix have that deeper edge that will make it appeal to B side fanatics. East Cafe remix was the result of a late night production session and it really lives up to its name as the whole essence of the track seems to just draw you in. While Viktor Kaman remix is an expression of the "after party" atmosphere, it finds its inspiration in that morning after vibe which only clubbers will understand, the intensity, the depth, the highs and the lows. Grega remix beat that is distinctly strong and has his typical sense of space and clarity in the rhythm. If you just want straight down the line pure dancefloor bomb then this is for you. Andrush made his re-think of the original song and push to the edge of the styles of abstrakt synth sounds and distorted beat.
Listening to music that of this quality is a great pleasure and if you have found these tracks then you have found a good thing.

Nelman, Andrush - Hymn (Bernathy Remix)
Nelman, Andrush - Hymn (East Cafe Remix)
Nelman, Andrush - Hymn (Viktor Kaman Remix)
Nelman, Andrush - Hymn (Synonim Mix By Andrush)
Nelman, Andrush - Hymn (Grega Remix)
Nelman, Andrush - Hymn (Radio Edit)