Greekboy, Thiago Pery, Dan Guidance – Virtual Life Ep [Smooth N Groove Records]

The EP consists of some wonderful jazzy compositions, a sinful uplifting runny billow, the distressful atmospherics coming from the title oversee 'Understood Living', and closing out with a extravagant astral sounding rolling accord called 'Astral Invent'! Brazillian in Britain director Thiago Pery has had a multitude of collab releases in the quondam and Effortless N Channel is proud to be presenting his more late collaboration vocation. With likes of returning skilled Greece auteur Greekboy & the exotic Bristol based artist Dan Teaching, the team up of three manu a beyon awe-inspiring 4 footprints EP 'Effective Sentience' EP. Distribute tryst: September 28th, 2016!

Dan Guidance, Thiago Pery - Love That Kills (Original Mix)
Thiago Pery, Greekboy - Taking U Higher & Higher (Original Mix)
Thiago Pery, Greekboy - Virtual Life (Original Mix)
Thiago Pery, Greekboy - Astral Project (Original Mix)