Gravitysays_i – Quantum Unknown [Inner Ear Records]

Gravitysays_i are finance with their third album, "Quantum Anonymous",which makes the hunger be put on ice their preceding album was a big mel with themselves,"Quantum Unsung" is the freeing from their own this keen they began creating this album of 6 tracks, which is the issue of 4 years of recordings and enthusiastic experimentation of the orchestra in new fields of music and lyrics. Music-perspicuous the exploratory and electronic part replaces the electrifying effusions of their antecedent toil.

Gravitysays_i - More Than a Matter of Instinct (Original Mix)
Gravitysays_i - Of Woe / Migratory Birds (Original Mix)
Gravitysays_i - Dowser (Original Mix)
Gravitysays_i - An Ivory Heart (Original Mix)
Gravitysays_i - Every Man (Original Mix)
Gravitysays_i - Quantum Unknown (Riveted Eye) (Original Mix)