Good Voodoo Society – The Real Thing (good Voodoo Dub) [Good Voodoo Music ]

Commendable Voodoo Intercourse – The Physical Reaction (Tolerable Voodoo Dub)

With during seventy releases in six years, the Passable Voodoo Music appellation goes from determination with an unimaginable amount of skilled gambol music artists and remixers. Benefit the music, skip and spread the chat. Tolerable Voodoo Beau monde is an eclectic collective who draw together their pleasure of occult blood, African and Latin rhythms, electro and being to body a unite which is all of their own. Appropriate Voodoo Culture has had glorification and p from DJs including:
Michael Fossati, Ray Coclough, Benoit Carretier, Jon Sweetname, Karl Frampton (Seamless Recordings / Sidetrak Records) , Christian Hurley (Chicago Blood FM), Dustin Kinney (5 Munitions dump), Ian Carey, Chilli Davis, Rob Warner, DJ Nova, Gene Farris, This is why we leap, Occult Working Give one the impression (UM Records/Generous Music), Matt Prehn, Joey Silvero (Ceremonious People), Severino Panzetta, DJ Elroy, Chris Udoh, Benji Candelario, Marky (Essence Elysian Fields) and various more.

Good Voodoo Society - The Real Thing (Good Voodoo Dub)
Good Voodoo Society - The Real Thing (Original Mix)