GO!DIVA, Cortechs, A-Brothers, Monktec – Imposing Mutant [HEX]

Locked, loaded, and ready to unleash Techno warfare, the latest offering from Hex is chock-full of heavy sonic artillery in a multiplicity of unique renditions! From highly technical, industrial dance floor destroyers to energetic, dark-dystopian technocracy, this Imposing Mutant EP is raw, solid, proper Techno fire all across the board. The preeminent strike is launched from an alliance of heavy hitting, well versed Techno producers Monktec and Dolgener. These two are consistently known for bangin' out heavy, essential dark techno and are regularly supported by the most respected names in the scene. With punishing kicks complimenting rafter splitting bass, dark atmospheres drifting over mesmeric, minimalistic rhythms and futuristic, industrial sounds, this EP has enough firepower to charge up the crowd while maintaining an advantageous balance of DJ friendly mixing components.

Hex has assembled quite the syndicate of veteran producers to inflict their own exclusive
adaptations to Monktec and Dolgener's speaker splitting release. Hot off the heels of remix and collaboration projects with such artists as Speedy J, Nierich, and Dubfire (just to name a few), The A-Brothers keep their blistering techno streak alive with another hi tech, warehouse romper with all the circuit bent trimmings and slick rhythms that make them the high demand artists that they are today! Next up, Cortechs builds the groove up into a dominant lesson of destruction with persuasive and powerful Techno elements before slowly releasing the tension and bringing you back where you started, providing a relentless and mind expanding experience. The final blow comes from the eclectic, and always electrifying Go!Diva! as she delivers a hypnotic, incisive secret weapon sure to inspire and ignite the creative mixing fuse. If you are looking for an EP that provides blistering energy and tool-like sound, then look no further that Monktec and Dolgener's Imposing Mutant.

  • Release date: 2016-06-20
  • Label: HEX
  • Genre: Techno
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Monktec, Dolgener - Imposing Mutant (Original Mix)
Monktec, Dolgener - Imposing Mutant (A-Brothers Remix)
Monktec, Dolgener - Imposing Mutant (Cortechs Remix)
Monktec, Dolgener - Imposing Mutant (GO!DIVA Remix)