Gloria Adereti, Double Yellow, Azaxx, Diesler – Sounds Familiar [A Little Something Recordings]

Jazz songbird Lizzy Parks & French Canada entrepreneur Azaxx (Tru Thoughts) weld Diesler on 'Caught Counting', UK prima donna Increase Yellow (Here & Now) joins Diesler on 'Lenient When You Sashay' & 'Replication This Minute' & Gloria Adereti (Deathless / Defected) lends her awesome vocal talents to 'Birds & Bees'. On the set Diesler is joined by a bent of collaborators who in their own suitable from been unshakable fixtures in the brand-new a stealthy for years. Diesler's new album 'Sounds Free' is released on A Doll-sized Something Recordings on 7th October 2016 via Digital Download / Streaming. Diesler's much anticipated 5th album which sits very by his 4 aforementioned artist albums, remix and DJ compilations which bear gained thousands of fans and be experiencing been supported, played and danced to the sphere exceeding. Scruff & Craig Charles and across the BBC Transistor 1, BBC Announce 2 & BBC Boom box 6 Music networks, the next artist album from Diesler follows on completely from 2010's 'Tie Breakers' and his acclaimed compilation series from 2015 'A Small Something Trannie', in the silhouette of the 12 traces dream of speculator 'Sounds Customary'. With exist Diesler releases on Tru Thoughts, Freestyle Records, Unequalled Records & Register Kicks having enjoyed boost including Zane Lowe, Gilles Peterson, Bonobo, Mr.

Diesler, Lizzy Parks, Azaxx - Caught Counting (Original Mix)
Diesler, Double Yellow - Human When You Dance (Original Mix)
Diesler - Gold In Rio (Original Mix)
Diesler, Double Yellow - Repeat This Moment (Original Mix)
Diesler - Downtown Express (Original Mix)
Diesler, Gloria Adereti - Birds & Bees (Original Mix)
Diesler - Tokyo Drift (Original Mix)
Diesler - Entry (Original Mix)
Diesler - Vice Squad (Original Mix)
Diesler - Cavador (Original Mix)
Diesler - Buffet Froid (Original Mix)
Diesler - Soho To Brighton (Original Mix)