GLN – Let Me Be The One [GURU]

Impenetrable, bitter-cold and focused yet jammed of survival and name "Let Me Be The One" has no problems erect out in the pour Its rough aesthetic creates a solitary cut and gist of librate, adding a private locale to a heavily vehicle-laden end result. Next up on Guru Recordings, French farmer GLN gets yawning, down and off colour with his synth-led homestead workout, "Let Me Be The One." Vital, uncompromising and with sharpened edges, this is upfront legislative body music that merges shuddering bass with with boarding-shaking rhythms to form an air that is pitch-dark and sincere yet brimming with simmering power and vigour. The hinie end moves in a choke-full piece as pressure and single-mindedness begins to luxuriate and swell in the foreground. Built round sharp, distorted synth lines, the spoor thrusts and jolts into opposite directions throughout.

GLN - Let Me Be the One (Original Mix)