Glin Vok, Giulio Franceschelli, Gitano Diangelo, Omar Labastida – Symtomp [Techno LogyX]

Various Artists – Symtomp is the latest release on Techno LogyX.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Omar Labastida, Gianni Ruocco - As I Like! (Original Mix)
Giorgio Brindesi - Love On The Track (Original Mix)
Giorgio Brindesi, Uriel Torres - Get Off Me (Original Mix)
Gitano Diangelo - Break Up (Original Mix)
Giulio Franceschelli - Bailando (Original Mix)
Giulio Franceschelli - Fackte (Original Mix)
Giulio Franceschelli - La Gruccia (Original Mix)
Giulio Franceschelli - Panpon (Original Mix)
Giulio Franceschelli - Trick (Original Mix)
Glin Vok - Audiophoby (Original Mix)
Glin Vok - Cleric (Original Mix)
Glin Vok - Dominant (Original Mix)
Glin Vok - Ex Manual (Original Mix)
Glin Vok - Old Wall (Original Mix)
Glin Vok - Owise R (Original Mix)
Glin Vok - Raduga (Original Mix)
Glin Vok - Symptom (Original Mix)