Gilbert Carrizales – No Turning Back [Blackout Trance Division]

The euphoric body sends shivers to your counc as the components core together to the chorus. Gilbert Carrizales – 'No Turning Uphold'
Including Innovative Mix and Announce Compress

Gilbert Carrizales fires assist into Blackout HQ with an unalloyed stunner! As the collapse settles, the pads construct the groundwork as the piano joins the get a wiggle on. 'No Turning Sponsor' brings emotionally charged force via splendid synths and pushy percussion to ripeness as the paper launches you on a trek. One of the fastest rising artists out of San Antonio, Gilbert is one being to observe out for! The elements melt together as the Brobdingnagian nip takes the the West End. Gilbert continues to floor us and become larger his arsenal of productions, bringing immature ideas and a unsurpassed cut to his line.

Gilbert Carrizales - No Turning Back (Original Mix)
Gilbert Carrizales - No Turning Back (Radio Edit)