Gil, D@niele, Daniel Tek, Joe Berte’ – The Diary Of Joe Berte’ (extended Unmixed Versions Only 4 Djs 2016) [Claw Records]

Electronic music – an extraordinary symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the faction

Joe Berte' - Esto Es el Guaco feat. El 3Mendo (Extended Mix)
Felipe C., Joe Berte' - Dale (Eh Eh Oh Oh) (Extended Mix)
Joe Berte' - Dance in the Stars feat. Dago Hernandez (Extended Mix)
Joe Berte' - Tembleke feat. Ruly MC (Original Mix)
Joe Berte' - Cosita feat. Ruly MC (Extended Mix)
Felipe C., Joe Berte' - The Queen of the Night feat. Jadelle (Joe Berte' Extended Mix)
Don Cash, Joe Berte' - Batuka (Original Mix)
Nextlevel, Joe Berte' - Love the Night feat. Axer (Extended Mix)
Joe Berte', Karim & Rob - Take Flight feat. Jo Lawn (Original Mix)
Joe Berte' - I Got You (Original Mix)
Joe Berte' - Sin Tu Amor feat. Dago Hernandez (Extended Mix)
Emy Lee, Joe Berte' - Dajima (Extended Mix)
Joe Berte', Daniel Tek - Fly Away feat. Dago Hernandez, Emy Lee (Extended Mix)
Felipe C., Joe Berte' - Check This Out (Extended Mix)
[email protected], Joe Berte' - Arabian Dream (Original Mix)
Gil, Joe Berte' - Culea feat. Dago Hernandez (Extended Mix)