Gian Paolo Mantovani, Simon Brown, Laora Gems, Matteo Martino – Music At The Centre [Sun Generation Records]

Creativity will-power lure the music promote to the center at final, in his ancestral spot. A mini aggregation of 4 unreleased tracks with the sapor of the incessant investigate, activating the explicit-spectrum music. Contrariwise the valour to suggest it, a take into custody of folly, and we can pull up stakes from this being lobotomized and imprisoned in stereotypes; let's unfettered ourselves bringing the music wager to the center! It contains: Laora Gems remixed by Chronophone, Matteo Martino, Simon Brown expert unfledged producers, and the cosmic seem of Gian Paolo Mantovani

Matteo Martino - Hope (Original Mix)
Laora Gems - Down The Rabbit (Chronophone remix)
Simon Brown - Learning To Fly (Original mix)
Gian Paolo Mantovani - Age Of Communication (Original mix)