Ghost WARS, Pashaa – The Drip (pashaa’s Revival Kick-ass Mix) [Pulse Records Miami]

When Pashaa meets Chris Sevier from Ghost WARS, you can exclusively look for the consequence to be an gunpowder fusion of slamming beats with epicurean synthesizers and ethereal voices. Ghost WARS has been featured on some of the most distinguished labels such as Perfecto, Inky Slit, Have fun This!, and Armada in the presence of joining the Palpitation Records Miami m. "The Drag" is already creating a "Fist Bail out" punch on the trip the light fantastic toe floors of the bright Miami, Florida, and is ar to decide the snooze of the cosmos by Sandstorm!

Ghost WARS - The Drip (Pashaa's Revival Kick-Ass Mix)