Gezim Vrioni,, Lewis Boardman – Face The Music [AdMaiora]

AdMaiora marks the 10th unfetter with an EP that involves one of the hottest dj and processor of the after connect of years. The stripped down techno striation, with hi-hats and shakers not, does the rest period, accepting the unpleasant consequences of this banger euphony. On the remix faithfulness we acquire for the other space the trade name-boss himself Gezim Vrioni (Save, D-Fell) who focuses his r on the furrow, leaving out the vocal and the entirety excessive. Having releases on top labels such as 'Desolat', 'Moon Port' and 'Cadenza' to appellation a few, Liverpool based Lewis Boardman debuts with his latest 'Mug The Music ' EP on AdMaiora. The delayed-vocal apogee detonates into a punt and sub-bass bass detonation, with an catching scratch that is guaranteed to impair the pour in the belated hours of the tenebrosity. The EP continues with 'No Senses Why' a 4/4 cudgel mangle with a seams of percussive elements, melodies and vocals which extremely profession together into a inexperienced Balearic Architecture glyph, a pre-eminent change from break times into hotter situations. His remix is three-dimensional and catchy with smart hi hats, tireless entrap drums and pulsating drum fills. Entiled basic road EP 'Features The Music' is a conventional Boardman's anthem: stomping and doubled drop-kick for a complete crescendo ambiance, with a female looped vocal slowly coming fa from the promote. Berlin superstar (Mobilee) goes deeper and slower in his side, grabbing the required elements from the imagin into a more trippy dimension, characterized by a fateful synths which remains remaining for the totality track. The EP concludes on the indisputable 'There For You' which brings impudent darker bass patterns, 909 foul cut and an first-rate exalted-disco sounding sell out, creating another unequalled federation weapon.

Lewis Boardman - Face The Music (Original Mix)
Lewis Boardman - Face The Music (Re.You Remix)
Lewis Boardman - No Reason Why (Original Mix)
Lewis Boardman - No Reason Why (Gezim Vrioni Remix)
Lewis Boardman - There For U (Original Mix)