George The Infinite – Manifest All You Want [Digital Felon Recordings]

"The Infinite" is set to release some of his most unique work to date. "Manifest All you Want" is the producers latest work which finds him working at a bit slower tempo then usual. Recording and producing the album in the mountains where he has recently located to will definitely do that to you but rest assure, The Infinite's the vision and production value were enhanced leaving you with a collection of 11 unique and colorful works of art. The album is set to be released July 26th, 2016 in all good digital retailers as well as Pandora, Spotify, and Tidal.

George The Infinite has been a driving force in the underground movement for well over a decade. A veteran bboy/dj/mc/promoter/engineer and label owner has been in involved in various projects in dance and music projects for the majority of his life. He's always been one step ahead of the pack which has allowed him to remain a successful as an independent artist. His music is played by many of the top underground dj's and can be heard on everything from BBC Radio to ViceLand TV.

"Manifest All You Want" is the 14th solo release on the label for The Infinite and it definitely is a very special one. The album reflects a lot of personal change, growth, and maturity in the Infinite's life. He went the extra mile on this project by not only producing the album but also singing,rapping,mixing, mastering and playing guitar on various tracks bringing you a wall of sound you could only expect from such a phenomenal artist.

Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy the album and that this album help's you "Manifest All You Want"

George The Infinite - Time (Original Mix)
George The Infinite - Going (Original Mix)
George The Infinite - Pleasure Principal (Original Mix)
George The Infinite - The Fourth Agreement (Original Mix)
George The Infinite - Playing Footsies (Smokin That) (Original Mix)
George The Infinite - This Is For My Homie (Original Mix)
George The Infinite - Today Sucked (Original Mix)
George The Infinite - Breathe Dem (Original Mix)
George The Infinite - Focus Your Efforts (Original Mix)
George The Infinite - Visible Expression (Original Mix)
George The Infinite - Jungle Effect (Original Mix)