George Kafetzis, Ross Cobe, Alan Prosser, James Dean – Serious (the Remixes) [Element Recordings]

As an added perquisite is the Beginning by James Dean is also on this packet, in action you missed it the ahead thi throughout. Alan Prosser , Plimsoul , Ross Cobe and George Kafetzis, all put their own imprint and twirl in their remixes and barter this issue a inexperienced new control providing a maw watering choosing for every Family connoisseur. A unadulterated spread of merit of all forms from some of the unexcelled UK Dwelling-place producers almost above-board now. One year on, we obtain compiled this awful remix combine of this odd Clan footpath. Throughout a year ago the Real from the whizzo James Dean hit the the stores, and became a solid Vocal Legislature favorite in. Done making it on to the Miami 2015 Abode Anthems compilation album.

James Dean - Serious (Original Mix)
James Dean - Serious (Alan Prosser Remix)
James Dean - Serious (Plimsoul Bass Dub Remix)
James Dean - Serious (Ross Cobe Remix)
James Dean - Serious (George Kafetzis Hands In The Air Remix)