George Adi, Cesar Vinzent – Little [Shift Digital Audio]

This four-keep a record of EP is opportune for any ball-base spot, as each living soul cut creates a lone atmospheric pitch. Creepy vocals coalesce the minimalist quality with the life of parliament on "Imprison Up", which is manifestly a compliment to the artist's alliance for the quondam and a indication to his "Cocoon" influences. Its minimalist aesthetic – pervasive percussion, resonating basslines, and sonorous vocals – consolidates the high style and sound of a epithet that emphasizes raw and surly sounds. "Rurmi" is an model rails for those opening "after-hour" moments, while "Teensy-weensy" offers a 9-shake interplay
of tenebrous yet exploding elements. The other issue of Change position Digital Audio comes from the Madrilenian faculty Cesar Vinzent,including
a remix by the Greek Dj and maker George Adi. This exhaustive reconstruction is certain to lead a thoughtful of cheerless techno Freudian slip for listeners. A remix of "Infinitesimal," created by the dome of Move Digital Audio, George Adi, also appears on the EP.

Cesar Vinzent - Little (Original Mix)
Cesar Vinzent - Little (George Adi Remix)
Cesar Vinzent - Hold Up (Original Mix)
Cesar Vinzent - Rurmi (Original Mix)