GENUIS – Vtruea [POPGANG Records]

This album is based on the era we fini singly and all the growing up we had to do. This album is dedicated to our pricey familiar Ola. All music created by Genuis

Pacfi features Jas Lüf (Jevin Almazan)
Artwork by Elfboi and look-alike within artwork by Ola
Much s from Joyce Lue
Mastered by &thony

KDVS recordings

Distributed by Brand Locomotive – It was created in between Sacramento, Davis, Santa Maria, Berkeley, and San Francisco in our homes, friends houses, and every place else we could spot. All the anti-climatic mundane surrealist moments we had together and by ourselves. May you be chilling with your greats. What started as a mixtape to be released in a month turned into 1 and a half years and a detailed album.

GENUIS - Airsp (Original Mix)
GENUIS - Root Tubes (Original Mix)
GENUIS - Pacfi (Original Mix)
GENUIS - Peachies (Original Mix)
GENUIS - Words (Original Mix)
GENUIS - Orphilian (Original Mix)
GENUIS - Converge (Original Mix)
GENUIS - Rounds (Original Mix)
GENUIS - Westcliff (Original Mix)