Genuine Fakes, Pad One – Constantine Ep [19Box Recordings]

19BOX RECORDINGS is gleeful to invited the Italy based artist Pad One! 'Constantine' is inspired by "Constantine", which is a 2005 American-German obscured detective strength flick directed by Francis Lawrence, starring Keanu Reeves as John Constantine. His set-up of 'Constantine' is featured by ill-lighted elements, trippy voices and 80s grooves, which encounter a suited dwelling in our imprint, showing all his artistic skillness. 'Fantasia' has a more extensive bring p, but keeping the centre on ageless prog sonorities with a brand-new draw. Pad One is graced with a hypnotic synth, that adds to the mysteriousness with throbbing bassline. During his business, this sexual processor released on numerous labels like SUPERORDINATE MUSIC, PRO-B-TECH RECORDS, 3RD AVENUE, Information RECORDS, now he gets on 19BOX RECORDINGS with dancefloor killers as 'Constantine EP'. Unswerving shrouded weapons for your sets. The remix comes civility of Authentic Fakes.

Pad One - Constantine (Original Mix)
Pad One - Constantine (Genuine Fakes Remix)
Pad One - Fantasia (Original Mix)