Gene Karz – Belarus + Gear Up [Techburst Records]

Gene Karz is an unstoppable techno-making machine. The sheer output of this man's quality releases is quite literally gob-smacking! After Mark Sherry teamed up with Gene recently to deliver their first ever collab EP on the label, we had to give him his own solo EP release. With killer tracks Belarus and Gear Up, Gene truly hammers it home with his purist dark techno sound. With monstrous industrial kickdrums, bass that will blow your woofers and techy stabs and synths that will only lead to carnage on the dancefloor, this EP is going to cement Gene's name into the Techburst hall of fame – this is an unmissable release!

Gene Karz - Belarus (Original Mix)
Gene Karz - Gear Up (Original Mix)