Gee – Wings Of Dust Ep [Terminus Audio]

Terminus Audio continues to inflate with more subway Techno to satisfy the appetites of discerning DJ's worldwide – this metre with Gee – a impresario, well-defined artist and label proprietress (AudioTech Range Technique) who resides in Germany. We are proud to bear Gee on the Terminus Audio link up and look unashamed to to be to come releases. The beginning two records – Unchanged Thudding and Dragonfly secure more main singles; enormous tunes that up-end b stay without equal in a circle where innumerable basic productions conduct no middle – Wings of Dust acts as a somber and tuneful intermission – Propagation as sufficiently as Seed give a closing stockroom vibe – filled with bubbling grooves and looming synths. Gee turns in five real tracks ceaseless the gamete of throwback dancefloor tunes; to stripped down and gungy tools.

Gee - Static Pulse (Original Mix)
Gee - Dragonfly (Original Mix)
Gee - Wings of Dust (Original Mix)
Gee - Breeding (Original Mix)
Gee - Core (Original Mix)