Geck-O – Alien Sound System [The Funky Cat]

The digital manumit gives you the pick of enjoying each on personally, or listening to the whole feature in one ceaseless mix. Delightful sounds and colors from tons genres and places, Geck-o keeps pushing the boundaries and leaves you with an impassioned inkling after each spoor. As a remuneration, DJ versions are added to the hurry off, to frame the grouping in any of your own tangible sets that bit more helpful. Whether it's one of the singles 'Tripper', 'A single time finally Upon A Interval In The Feels', 'Erect From The Retrofuture', or any other name on the album; arrange to be shocked, amazed or red wondering in the happy soundscapes the 'Outlander Reverberate Pattern' provides. Geck-o takes you on a really intimate slip with his another album 'Newcomer disabuse of Range Routine', showcasing the look of The Funky Cat. The vinyl turn loose features a wonderful gatefold sleeve with artwork by Marloes Messemaker, with the music divided on two bright menacing discs, each side varied for an optimal rush.

Geck-O - Alien Sound System (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Grounded (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Tripper (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Straight From The Retrofuture (Original Mix)
Geck-O - All I Wanted (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Character (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Surrender (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Once Upon A Time In The Feels (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Seeing Is Believing (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Raising Awareness (Interlude)
Geck-O - I'm With The Sirens (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Bonjour (Original Mix)
Geck-O - Alien Sound System (Continuous Album Mix)
Geck-O - Alien Sound System (DJ Version)
Geck-O - Tripper (DJ Version)
Geck-O - Straight From The Retrofuture (DJ Version)
Geck-O - All I Wanted (DJ Version)
Geck-O - Surrender (DJ Version)
Geck-O - Seeing Is Believing (DJ Version)
Geck-O - I'm With The Sirens (DJ Version)