Gavin Jones Project – The Juice [Global Music Records]

We are happy to confirm a new releases of, Gavin Jones Project with his EP The juice .

BIO: Born in the 80's somewhere near Rotterdam, I've built up my life in Amsterdam. With a background in DJ-ing techno that started in the late 90's, I soon got interested in producing after enjoying to play with machines like Roland 909, 505 & Akai MPC. 15 years later the world looks a lot more digital, but I still use my hardware machines on a regular base.

I got my first release recently on DB production with a track called 'Wingman', a tribute to Thami who was lost on MH-17. The track was remixed by international artists like Remotion, Smarty J, Roberto Rau & Groovephenomenon.

I since have worked with various live artistst. This has brightened my world and made me expant my 'musical range'. To put all the styles I am active in in a box, I've given birth to 4 alterego's:

-The Juice (my own distinct style)

-Beat Engineer: (techno, my roots)

-RMX: (remixes)

-Doggy Bag (leftovers; everything that doens't fit the above)

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