Gatto – Deep Twist Ep [3Bridge Records]

Another new signing for the classification for 2016, we're proud to just now 3 tracks of past comprehension/tech homestead goodness from NY financial manager Gatto (aka Uninhibited Jackson). And 'Out On The Tiles' takes things a bit deeper and darker, rounding out this EP nicely with some melancholic guitars and rhythms. The 'Obscure Pervert' EP is another warning of the a day growing excellent roster we own here at 3Bridge Records. The labe route starts things off, and it's a stron groover, fascinating a chunky bass crease and bumping percussion that fills out the behind half of follow while sly touches of tune and nature ebb and cascade over and beyond the top of it. 'Grasp A Carried' uses a galloping group riff that's reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder with synth stabs, fun seem effects, and punchy drums that commitment get you thrilling. Safe and sound to say it would fit in any set, regardless of ta.

Gatto - Deep Twist (Original Mix)
Gatto - Take A Ride (Original Mix)
Gatto - Out On The Tiles (Original Mix)