Gabriella Trussi, Pier Naline – Call It Love [Symphonic Distribution]

Pier Naline is a composer hailing from Milano, Italy. His journey into music first began in the early '90s when he was just 14 years old after developing a passion for European continental dance, trance and techno music.

"For me, dance music was not only a type of music good for clubbing, but a real music genre to listen to with groups, singers and its own music composition philosophy behind song simplicity," he said.

Culture Beat's '90s classic "Mr. Vain" and Haddaway's "What Is Love" jumpstarted his interest in dance music. He first tried his hand at piano lessons, but after those didn't work out, he changed pace to learning about music production. At the age of 16, Pier attended a two-year course highlighting the meaning and use of synths, DAWs and other music composition basics.

Fast-forward nearly a decade later in 2009, he decided to take his music career more seriously. After winning a dance music contest and signing a one-year contract with a European dance label, Pier Naline was becoming a household name in the European music scene. He plays every single part of any song he creates, avoiding use of pre-created patterns.

Today, Pier Naline is a multi-faceted producer and focuses his efforts on many different genres, from melodic dance, trance and Eurobeat to Latin pop and Reggaeton. He cites his main musical influences as Sash, Blitz, Captain Hollywood, Bamble B and, of course, the dance music of the '90s that he first fell in love with.

Pier is a composer through and through, focusing on music composition rather than live performances Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

Pier Naline, Gabriella Trussi - CALL IT LOVE (feat. Gabriella Trussi) (Original Mix)