Future Mouse, Techcrasher, DJ Vartan, Seb Skalski – Be Strong (incl. Seb Skalski , Future Mouse Mixes ) [SpekuLLA Records]

written & produced by Techcrasher (Aleksey Troitskiy),DJ Vartan (Vardan Galustyan)
additional remix & casting by Seb Skalski @ SpekuLLa Studio 2016
Next releases on Suka records and Housesession records are validation of that , showing that the mouse Combine cover also remixes from bean of SpekuLLa Records – Seb Skalski and To be to come Mouse – Moscow duet of the two producers and DJs , merged in 2014 to generate, forever synchronic , legislature- give one the impression. The key manumit , released on the British epithet Zulu Records, friends expose that they bear go about a find to curb.
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Upcoming are new collabs with acclaimed vocalists and musicions. That is why his sound is fasten to the notable dynasty of that duration, but has fractions of contemporary unfledged tunes of today. Sam Skilz, DJ Soneec, Bronx Comfort and myriad more. The plan is mostly concentrated on collaborations, but quiet has some autonomous tracks and remixes. Techcrasher's works get already been supported by IanCarey, Lissat & Voltaxx, Gary Caos. Methodical even though the job is minor (started barely in 2012) it's tracks from already been released at Dark Crater Rec, TGR Music, Kidology, Cunning Rec, Kiez Beats Rec, Casa Rossa, Housesession Rec, Conkrete Rec, Deepartment Rec, Blessed Bodies Rec,Giant Lineage Rec and other. TECHCRASHER is a new work of Russian DJ HiTretz, who started his occupation in 1996.
additional remix & creation by Prospective Mouse(Dimitry Gorin & Dmitry Ermakov)
In 2002 moved to Italy, where launched "Stereo Seven" characterization. In 1998 became a financial manager and made development for multiple russian top stars. While living in Europe worked with Robbie Rivera, Ian Carey, Dj Pedro, Human being Avengerz, HI-Course, Jerry Roper etc Inflexible to direct attention to a burgh in Russia or Eastern Europe where he hasn't been on gigs. DJ VARTAN started his skilled calling in 1993 in Moscow, Russia. In 2005 helped to start another two memorandum labels "Hit Records" and "Tour de force Music" in France and Italy.
In 2007 moved aid to Moscow and became abiding dj in top russian clubs: Slava, Opera, Rai, Icon, Pacha (Moscow) and Pacha (Sharm-El-Sheikh).Bona fide dj of Position Russia. In residence and music big cheese of CAFE DEL MAR Moscow.

DJ Vartan, Techcrasher - Be Strong (Seb Skalski Remix)
DJ Vartan, Techcrasher - Be Strong (Original mix)
DJ Vartan, Techcrasher - Be Strong (Future Mouse Remix)