Funkyloco – Rolling With My Homies [So Sound Recordings]

longing i had this for MJ8! The mark new album from Funkyloco is here! Appreciate The Hector! Are you in readiness to 'Coas' with Funkyloco? 'Rolling With My Homies'

Superintend from Miami, Florida, So Cacophony Recordings presents the extraordinarily anticipated new album from Funkyloco: "Rolling With My Homies"
From sunrise to sunset and beyond, the ambiance is charged with the emotional vibes of downtempo, hip hop, west seaside jazzy flavors & latin grooves tingling on your crust. Sean Levisman – Miami New Times

Rating : 10 / 10
A- Mix : Funkyloco – Jazz In My Margin
Expansion : Worthy. Recalling Dent Farina's venerable Mushroom Jazz series, Loco weaves a moist sampledelic tapestry carried by leader-distant hip-hop beats help of appetitive smoky passages that resolve enshrine your keen on superior. FunkyLoco lives up to his celebr yet again with a delectable new slice of crawling-ardent jazztastic grooves that veer effortlessly between G-funk and Balearic lobby.

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