Funkware – Go [Funkstuff Recordings]

Anyway, Captain Funkware makes definite to hold the supporters many times on guard by diversifying and evolving. Assay it yourself. The restless beats, immersed in rasping basslines and sprinkled with catchy vocal themes coruscate positivity and tons of spirit, which renders the Go EP 101%% dancefloor-corroboration with a definite carnival vibe. We are sensible that it gets more recondite to nourish up with the set free status from the mothership Funkstuff Recordings. FSR043 is a continuation of a new cap the artist took in codification to recapitulate the provisions flowing funk.

Funkware - Don't Care (Original Mix)
Funkware - Go (Original Mix)
Funkware - Never Be The Same (Original Mix)
Funkware - Outside (Original Mix)