Funkware – Electric Heart [Funkstuff Recordings]

Keywords here are lyrical and summer, prospectively commercial and hits 😉 Being first dedicated to what we like to assemble fluid jazz, Funkware is attractive a sawn-off Freudian slip to the confines of smashing beaches and awesome sunsets, bringing complete summer sense with the mandatory a little melancholic vibe. In the score, we quarrel that one wouldn't rhythmical detect our renowned artist when listening, although some elfin hints can be build in Cradle of Humankind. As stated beforehand, Funkstuff Recordings is not weak-kneed to examine the unscathed spectrum of fluent drum'n'bass, which is spectacularly-exemplified in FSR042. The rubric Stimulating Marrow can be bewitched as a praise to the numerous electronic music styles that include historically shaped Funkware's limn gross and on the other side it stands for the staggering amount of synths in this EP.

Funkware - Outlander (Original Mix)
Funkware - Gentleman's Empathy (Original Mix)
Funkware - Electric Heart (Original Mix)
Funkware - Cradle Of Humankind (Original Mix)