Fundamental Harmonics – Karai Ep [Lepton Quark]

A new friendly, abstruse immersive techno yield from Prime Harmonics. And to despatch, "Karai" is a big odyssey supported by striking strings. Trippy. But in effect, when it blends with the strings it results in a substantial cinematic-like epic music harmony. This is Lepton Quark 018, benefit! The violin air is constructed on the pace counterpoint. The sickly refrain coming in the inferior merchandise shard reminds of 90's melodic techno tracks. We put it in the techno variety, although it is not so absolutely banging and ill-lit, but similarly to some of the 90's Detroit techno productions, it can be described as airy, profound and with a finger on of positivism and lyricism. … This can be seen in the essential footprints Ain Soph Aur with it's persistent bass original, ornamented with atmospheric pygmy synths sounds and an ethereal articulation specimen. "Formosa" is an harass round the contrapuntus comfort developed by J.S Bach. The channel and hypnotic patterns are pacific here, and as each some evocative melodic elements befall into the plan, the ensemble trend depicting sonic landscapes which accept some touches of onirism , esoterism and romanticism.

Fundamental Harmonics - Ain Soph Aur (Original Mix)
Fundamental Harmonics - Formosa (Original Mix)
Fundamental Harmonics - Karai (Original Mix)