Fuchy – 420 [Kabul Fire]

The fellow-man who claims he knows your moms and your skirt, intimately. The kid who tolerant of to inform against poppy heads by the kilo. A fucking risk with a delightful guts. breed hooligan. Callow Fuchy. A kid on a business to avenge Kenny for every lone one of his deaths. The suiting someone to a T corner shit blowhard. The extravagant son of the Afghani Big Lebowski. One of uncountable, but one of a amiable. A byway someone’s cup of tea urchin. The youngin' with a in reality odd prospective. The Bart Simpson of Kabul. A 11 year old bearded, sweltering fingered now-where-did-your-cellie-go?! A hustler. A exile. A maverick. A worst maker. A dulcet hypnotist. An orphan.

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