Frosun – Dark Thoughts [Slideways]

We continue on with our 14th release and a phenomenal 3-track EP from a particularly
gifted young Lithuanian musician who goes by the name of Frosun.

Title track 'Dark Thoughts' is exactly that – dark thoughts translated in to musical format. Bass-heavy, yet mysterious. Exotic atmospheres with a sinister vocal chant. And brace yourself for the killer drop, it will literally kick you in the gut!

Frosun has created two different interpretations of 'Dark Thoughts' and in his 'Noir' mix he pumps things up even more (if that is even possible?) This is a definite 'peak hour' track to really immerse yourself in.

The final piece ends on a slightly more mellow note with 'All Ways Lead To The Stars'. This track exudes beautiful progression throughout and is the perfect way to close out the EP.

This one immediately grabbed our attention, we think it will grab yours too!

Frosun - Dark Thoughts (Original Mix)
Frosun - Dark Thoughts (Noir Mix)
Frosun - All Ways Lead to the Stars (Original Mix)