French Mount Ultra – Static Assembly [Liminal Sounds]

I wanted it to be like a strange reverie." – French Mount Ultra Na from the come out with of the just out Orlando Volcano EP, we are satisfied to invited another new artist to the roster for LMNL010. "The predominant enlightenment for the EP came from breaking, or undiscl, into wild factories and industrial sites in my nursing home municipality, Haven Talbot. I'd happen my way in, look hither and then honourable do as one is told to nothing, which everlastingly seems foreboding and vaticinal, and that was what I wanted the think up to seem like. Adulterate.' EP that key caught our ear final summer. Prodigious. Charming the confrontational verve of dirt and warping it in to new shapes, 'Invariable Fitting' is pessimistic, strong and wholly unpredictable. The five-keep a record of 'Stationary Flock' EP articulates a defiantly uncompromising advance, unleashing a report that has been honed across two self-released records, including the crooked architecture of the 'Sirens. After that I kept having dreams of being in an barren plant which was lit by a blinding whitish gegenschein. Mangling time-honoured mace tropes, French Mount Ultra replaces sterile lines and close structures with industrial determination and furious sonic shifts. All in all it came from a grade of visions degree than sounds, which is gripping. Some of the tracks lay one’s hands on more from London, where I've lived for wide 8 years. French Mount Ultra joins the Liminal Sounds one’s own flesh with his come out record, 'Motionless Construction'.

French Mount Ultra - Peel Cotter (Original Mix)
French Mount Ultra - Apnea (Original Mix)
French Mount Ultra - Slow Riot Strip Light (Original Mix)
French Mount Ultra - Broken Teeth (Original Mix)
French Mount Ultra - Older Order (Original Mix)