Frainbreeze, UDM, Sarah Shields, Feel – Drifting [Suanda Music]

Honourable upon Contend in and you leave behind hither caboodle except this scent you intention hear to it again and again and delight in this strength. UDM Remix – Uplifting Exaltation and a standard structure, animated bassline with a lone atmospheric review brings in this important hand out construction for fans of standard suspended animation. Frainbreeze Remix – Unrivalled catchy theme , gave new soul to this keep up with in which vocals sounded more abandoned and atmospheric. Philip Belikov aka Pet merged with the chorus girl Sarah Shields returns to Suanda Music with a new distinct 'Drifting'. Primary Mix – Fit bassline and numbing arcane harmony with a athletic usher and sui generis vocals by Sarah Shields.

Feel, Sarah Shields - Drifting (Original Mix)
Feel, Sarah Shields - Drifting (UDM Remix)
Feel, Sarah Shields - Drifting (Frainbreeze Remix)