Frack – Volume 1 [Grid Based Beats]

Volume One is the debut release of Portland, Oregon synth heads "Frack." Frack is the outlet of Chris Leighty and Andrew Bisenius. Brought together by their love of Chicago acid house, Frack uses a wide range of analog synthesizers to create experimental, jazzy acid grooves on the fly. Frack fuses that classic acid feel with today's techno sound. The results are deep introspective house to hard, face melting grooves. From the funky TR 707 rhythms of "Call it Good," to the classic tech sound in "Sauce," to the future dub groove and bass line of "Too Hot," Volume One is the perfect combination of old and new mixed with high quality production techniques.

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Frack - Sauce (Original Mix)
Frack - Call It Good (Original Mix)
Frack - Kmuk (Original Mix)
Frack - Purple Ice Castles (Original Mix)
Frack - Too Hot (Original Mix)