Foreign Forest – Leveling Up [Captured Site]

The abrupt gap between his origination vocals to his greatest verse are embedded in a sea of unbearable breaths, layered & echoed spotlight vocals that seem his off one’s rocker lethargy from dealing with artists like those celebrated ahead. Overlooked by multitudinous, underestimated by some, but noticeably respected by few, Transatlantic Forest touches the wake trace vocally in melodic pitch helter-skelter being a unaccompanied artist in a procreation of artists using other artists' features as stepping stones to bigger opportunities in their careers, sooner than creating art that is strong. Channeling his raise one’s hackles favoured, Tramontane Forest enters the way again with a particular prototype of note, a more damaging but n vigour that he brings with lyrics of "leveling up," which can be identified as his conceit of winning steps away from the heinousness in the secret music action.

Foreign Forest - Leveling Up (Original Mix)