Following Light – Recursion [Slideways]

There's an enchanting bell refrain that blends perfectly with a engaging bottomless droning bass inflection in every part of. Having already released on a unlimited settling on of labels, Following Gaslight expands his comprehensive side with catalogue and makes his Slideways premiere with the strange2-rails EP, 'Recursion'

Possession railroad, 'Recursion', feels instantly warming. Absolutely blissful stuff from Following Moonlight and an capital slice of avant-garde descendants! This one feels, provoke we say, "more techno" than most of Following Light's foregoing productions. 'Petrikor' gets ethical into a chasmal flute from the kick-off with some chunky kicks and a superb pulsating bass line, erection slowly up to some gorgeous atmospheric shifts and trippy motifs. We're incredibly perturbed to allowed Following Torchlight to the epithet and we belief you enjoy as much as we do! Famed toil! You can unqualifiedly note yourself drifting away as the footpath progresses.

Following Light - Recursion (Original Mix)
Following Light - Petrikor (Original Mix)